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3rd Annual Federweisser Fest 2017

Each year in Germany, after the harvest, Federweisser can be found.
Federweisser (new wine) is grape must, which is in the process of fermenting.
The name for this cloudy alcohol beverage translates to "white as a feather";
for the appearance of the suspended yeast.
Due to the carbonation, Federweisser tastes quite refreshing,
not unlike a light grape soda or a sweet sparkling wine.
Come out and try a sample!

We will have samples of Federweisser from our 2017 harvest available.
It is typically paired with hearty or savory foods.

And what German Festival would be complete without an oompah band?
We will have live music throughout the afternoon for your enjoyment.

No reservations are necessary.
And there is no charge to attend or receive a sample of the Federweisser!
We can be reached at 830-644-2681.